Have you noticed that when we talked about food we feel hungry? Well, that’s just what happened to me after I wrote the Thanksgiving post the other day. Naturally, I am going to feel hungry when we all start posting about Christmas and celebrations, because, as a matter of fact, it all goes around food again (and presents, and family reunions, and holidays, and the Xmas spirit…)

So I’ve thought about listing other ways to say “eat” in English so that you can enrich your vocabulary and expressions about it:

You can go and eat as much as you can at Christmas, but sometimes in my town, when we go and visit relatives before the big meals we can nibble something so that you get a taste of the food there. Then you go home and your mum, grandma, etc have a huge feast on the table and you get ready to dig in.

When you eat your food, you could say you ingest it—but that’s a word often used by scientists. When you eat your meal very fast you, can say you devoured it.

When it comes to eating, no one does it as well as animals! When you eat a lot of food very quickly, you can say you gobble up your food (gobble is the sound turkeys make)! You can also wolf down your food (eat it quickly in big pieces), or pig out on it (eat too much).

When you finish the meal, you can say you have polished it off or cleaned your plate.

There are many more words that are synomyms of the word “eat”. Check the list below, and please, if yoy really want to improve your English, next time you are about to use the word eat, take your time and substitute it with one of these we’ve just seen:

Attack, (have a) bite, chew, devour, feed, ingest, inhale, pick, swallow, banquet, gorge, gormandize, graze, masticate, munch, nosh, ruminate, scarf, scoff, snack, sup, break bread, chow down, dispose of, feast upon, have a meal, partake of, peck at, polish off, pork out, take in, etc.