Hello again students. Hope you had a great time playing, the “Do and Does” Game  (look in my previous post if you didn´t see it).

How were your results? I am sure you did pretty well.

And now that we know how make these questions, how do we answer to them?

We can give short answers to direct questions as follows:

Questions Short Answer (Affirmative) Short Answer (Negative)

Do you speak Spanish?


Yes, I do.


No, I don´t


 Does Mary speak German?


Yes, she does.


No, she doesn´t.


Does it snow a lot in Norway?


Yes, it does.


No, it doesn´t.

Do they want to come to the party?


Yes, they do.


No, they don´t.


 Does she like ice cream?

Yes, she does. No, she doesn´t.


As you may see, it is very easy.  Practise them and  soon you´ll become experts.