It’s spring time, finally!!!! The days are longer and warmer and I am sure you all have more energy to do many things. How about making a to do list for spring in order not to waste your vigour?


I’ve come up with some ideas to place on the list, let me know what you think. Here they are:

  1. There are plenty of activities that you can do outdoors without much preparation and equipment. Why not starting running, going for a bike trip or changing your ice-skates into skates? I might go for the option three and you?
  2. You can also enrich your diet and add typically spring products like broccoli, apricot, mango and more (check this website for more ideas).
  3. If you are keen on photography the spring nature is an excellent setting for your fabulous pictures that will keep the moment forever!
  4. Planting something, not necessarily a tree, is an option, too. How about creating a little garden on your balcony or kitchen table? That’s what I’m doing this weekend. Check out my choices below.DSC_1967
  5. And my last yet not least proposal is SMILE – it’s free and has loads of benefits!!!

What else do you think I should add to my list? Have you already created yours?