Are you conscious of your accent when you speak another language? Do you try to speak with the perfect accent? Personally, I would place a bigger emphasis on pronunciation rather than accents but I am aware that a lot of people find accents important, too. Some people, mostly students, are afraid to speak English in public because they are scared of pronouncing something wrong or speaking with a strong Spanish/Galician accent and not being understood.

Accents make us who we are. For most of my school days I have lived in New York and was made fun of for having a “lisp” when I spoke Spanish to my Dominican, Colombian or Argentinean friends and family.

There are many different dialects and accents in the English language just as there are in Spanish speaking nations or French speaking nations, etc.

Not everybody speaks the same way and you could work on your accent as you imitate and learn proper pronunciation but most of all it is important that people understand what you are saying rather than how you are saying it and you don’t need to sound 100% native to achieve that.

Check out this fun video about 9 types of Spanish Accents for instance: