Hello everyone and specially my Callan Group! Today I would like to share with you a link (in red, below) with the most famous song all over the word: the alphabet song! I think songs are a perfect way to memorize new vocabulary, in this case the letters of the alphabet. Please, pay special attention to the main differences between English and Spanish, specially the vowels a, e and i, and other pairs as b/v, q/k, g/j.

You can use little tricks to memorize this sounds as for example remembering common words in English like Email (for the E sound), OK (for the O and K sounds), (pronoun: I like, or Ipad, Iphone; for the I sound) and some other!

If you have children, you can watch the song with them. You can both learn the alphabet and have fun at the same time, I can asure you that they love these songs!

The Alphabet Song and More