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Hello everyone! Today’s a very special day: it’s 21st October 2015! If this date doesn’t ring a bell I will remind you. It’s the future!! LOL

It’s the date Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) sets in the time-travelling DeLorean to go 30 years ahead in the future.

For those of you who haven’t watched my favourite trilogy -best one ever- let me tell you about it.

Marty is an ordinary teenager in the year 1985, except for one thing: he has a mad scientist friend, Doc, who has built a time-machine car. Accidentally, he’s sent back and stuck in 1955 in the time when his parents met for the first time. After messing up with the space-time continuum, Marty has to get his parents falling in love again so that he can exist in the future, and also find the young Doc of 1955, who will help him go back to the future to get his normal life back.

And so far just the first film. The second part of the trilogy is even better: he visits 2015! Yes, 21st October 2015 exactly. And it’s amazing how, but for some oversights such as mobile phones and the internet or WIFI connections, the 2015 world shown in the film has a great resemblance with ours. Taking into account that this sequel of the classic film was actually filmed in 1989, it’s striking how Back to the Future II got many inventions right.

Here you have some a Back to the Future nut, that is me, has found just by comparing the film to our present day:

  • Flying drones
  • Flat tv
  • Smart goggles
  • Video conferences
  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Hands-free games
  • Tablet computers