How was your brownie? I’m sure it was delicious and disappeared from the table in no timeJ


Have you ever tried using recipes in different languages??? I’m using recipes in Polish, English and Spanish. I remember even watching a video tutorial on French Macaron (macaroon)!!! Yes, I’m a baking freak.


So, I CHALLENGE YOU TO TRY A RECIPE IN ENGLISH!!!! Yes, it’s a baking challenge!!!

Have a go and surprise yourself and the ones you are baking for with an original cake, cupcakes or a tart.

You don’t know where to get the recipes from? No worries! Here you have a list of some websites I’m referring to when baking: Martha StewartBaking Mad, Joy of Baking, Bakerella, Joy the Baker, to name just a few. If you know of any other worth recommending, please write it in the comment below.

To help you a bit with the vocabulary and baking expressions, check out Pillsbury Baking glossary. It can be very useful.


Good luck and READY, STEADY….BAKE !!!!