Do you ever mistake British pronunciation with the American one? I do it all the time and thus have to be careful when teaching!!!!

Have you ever wondered why we do it (I suppose I’m not the only one)? The answer is easy: the TV series we watch are mostly American ones, the music we listen to can be both American, British, Irish, etc., the people we speak to, the teachers, and many more.


Usually, that phenomenon does not cause any major problems, but may require some explanation for better understanding.


I hope you have tried the Wordreference or Howjsay to pronounce correctly, haven’t you? Well, try typing the word ALUMINIUM and before clicking on “submit” pronounce it yourself. Done? Now check whether you got it the American or the British way.


Have a look at the video below. An American pronouncing British place names (as mentioned by Vero in her pronunciation post)