Inflating the balloon

Inflating the balloon

One of the first experiments during the Science Week at Babelis was inflating the balloon in a different way.

We needed:

a bottle

1/2 cup vinegar

4 tablespoons of baking soda

and a balloon


First, we poured the vinegar into the bottle and we filled the balloon with baking soda. Next, we put the balloon on top of the bottle and let the baking soda fall into vinegar to begin the chemical reaction. To our great surprise, the balloon started growing and growing!!!

We made it!!!


Check the kids faces and you will see if they enjoyed it or not 🙂

IMG_3736 IMG_3744IMG_3741IMG_3737

Walking water experiment

Walking water experiment

This week we are having a science week.


One of the first experiments we did was the WALKING WATER.


Take a look at the preparations:

We used three same size jars, water, food colouring and paper towel. You have to fill the two jars with water and food colouring, leaving the jar in the middle empty. Next, fold paper tissue and insert it in the full jar and the empty one, on each side. Let time pass and what you see is that the jar in the middle contains the same amount of water as the ones on the sides, and additionally, the colour in the middle is the result of mixing the primary colours.




and the final effect below:




Meet our Superheroes

Meet our Superheroes



Do you have a favorite superhero? Or maybe you wanted to be one as a child? This week in our summer camp we had a lot of superheroes! Meet them and see if you can figure out their real identities!







Cake bites / Cake pops

Cake bites / Cake pops

Today on my blog some more sweet treats to have a delicious begining of the week:)

Some of my students asked me to publish the recipe of the cake bites (which, if you have time and patience, can also be cake pops), so here it goes!!!


You will need:Screenshot_2016-05-30-16-19-48

any flavour sponge cake (homemade or bought)

Mascarpone or Philadelphia cheese

dark chocolate (I’m using the Nestle Postres one) or candy melts

colourful sprinkles




  1. Crumble the cooled cake into a large mixing bowl
  2. Add cheese and mix it into the crumbled cake until thoroughly combined (the more cheese you add, the moister the bites/pops become).
  3. Roll into 2-3 cm cake balls and when ready, place them on baking paper and keep in the fridge.
  4. While the cake balls are in the fridge, prepare the coating by melting the chocolate or candy melts.
  5. Place one ball at a time into the bowl of coating, next lift out the cake ball with a fork allowing the excess coating to fall back into the bowl.
  6. Put coated balls on baking paper, decorate with colourful sprinkles and keep in the fridge.

As soon as the coating hardens, they are ready to eat!!!


If you decide to make cake pops, after step 4 prepare lollipop sticks, dip them into the coating and next insert the stick into the centre of each ball more or less halfway through (neither too deep nor too shallow). Put the balls into the fridge and when the stick is firm, continue with step 5 and 6.




Ladies and gentlemen – Hot Air Balloon!!!

Ladies and gentlemen – Hot Air Balloon!!!

Let’s talk about music today.

Some of you may think: “Oh, such a boring and common topic to deal with…blahh”, yet I will try to make it entertaining since the music band I’d like to write about today is not ANY band but a SPECIAL band.

Normally, I consider music to be of personal choice and I admit that it can turn out difficult to encourage somebody to discover a new group when having an already defined musical taste. However, let me introduce you a duo you will surely enjoy listening to.




The Irish-Portuguese DUO called Hot Air Balloon (check their Facebook site for more info here) is formed by my friends Sarah Jane and Tiago who always prepare unforgettable and special performances.



*the photo was taken during their last concert in Vigo on Saturday May 7th in Fundación Sales

Do you already feel like listening to some of their songs? Search for the band on Spotify or on YouTube.



Let me share this video with you:


BUTTER COOKIES you are gonna fall in love with…

BUTTER COOKIES you are gonna fall in love with…

Today on my blog I’ll share with you one of my delicious recipes. This time it’s the BUTTER COOKIE TIME!!!!

Let’s go then!

You will need: IMG_20160506_194901

450 g flour

300 g butter

1 egg

150 g sugar

1 tsp baking powder

additional/optional ingredients:

cocoa, cinnamon,  vanilla flavour, toppings: colourful sprinkles, laminated almonds, nuts, coconut powder and all that you can think of 🙂



  1. Mix flour, egg, sugar, baking powder and butter and next knead the dough.
    If you decide to add some cocoa or cinnamon, do it now. You can also separate the dough into various parts and add the additional ingredients to each of the parts.
  1. Form a ball of the kneaded dough, cover with transparent wrap and leave it in the fridge during 1 hour.
  2. After one hour, take the dough out of the fridge and use the rolling pin. Work with the rolling pin until you get the desired thickness of your cookies. Then, use cookie cutters or a glass for round cookies.
  3. Bake at 180 ºC during 10-12 minutes.

That’s it!!!