Hello, we have started a new year. Its time to get down and start studying! during the upcoming months until the official Cambridge Exam in June I will be uploading some exercises to reinforce the work we have been doing in class. At the end of every month there will be a reward for the student who has completed the most exercises from the blog! So lets get started.

This month we have started on Unit 4 – Transport. Lets practice some prepositions of movement:

use-. by, in or on

  1. go _______ car.
  2. be _______ a taxi.
  3. go _______ the underground.
  4. go _______ by train.
  5. be _______ a bus.
  6. go _______ foot.
  7. go _______ ferry.
  8. be _______ a car.

Cross out the letters to reveal the words:

  1. u a n c d r e s r d d  –  The yacht is going __________ the bridge.
  2. t a o w a r y d f t h r o g m h  – Why are you walking ___________ me ?
  3. t b e h t r w o e e u g a h r – We went ___________ a very long tunnel.
  4. r o a l u n o b n e t g – He’s cycling __________ the road to his house.
  5. o t o u t w o a i r n t d s – This path goes ____________ the sea.
  6. b a c e r t o w s e i e t o n – My motorbike is __________ the blue car and the red one.

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CAE Homework Part 2 – PROPOSAL

You see the following notice in the place where you work or study:



As you may know, next year we will have been in existence for 20 years, and at a recent meeting it was decided that we should hold a special event to celebrate this achievement. We’re now looking for proposals as to what kind of event to hold. Have you got a good idea for a special event to celebrate our 20th anniversary? Put together a proposal, giving details of your idea and how the event could be organised. We’ll consider all the proposals at a meeting next month.


Write your answer in 220 – 260 words in an appropriate style.

Send by e-mail to



CAE Writing Part 2

Write a review about the following announcement of an international magazine:


Have you bought a new product recently, or had one bought for you? Maybe you’ve just got a new gadget or piece of technology or equipment. It could be something for work or leisure. We’d like to hear what you think of it for our Readers’ Reviews Page. Describe the product for readers and give your opinions on it. Do you recommend it? If so, why? If not, why not? Send your review to the address below.


Remember to send your reviews to



My friend PROJECT

My friend PROJECT

In Babelis we do a lot by means of learning and having fun.

I’m very pleased to show you the projects My friend made by my students: Ana, Paula, Alba, Laura and Uxía.

What do you think? Did they work well?


DSC_1583 (1)