Hello dear students. During the last weeks we have been learning how to use adjectives when we want to compare things.

At the bottom of this blog you will find a link to a game about comparatives.

But first, remember that in order to form a comparative adjective, we need to follow the next rules:


  1. One-syllable adjectives adding “er”


tall                     taller

old                     older

long                     longer

Example: My dad is older than me



  1. If the one-syllable adjective ends with “e”. Just add “r”


large                     larger

wise                     wiser

Example: A ship is larger than a boat


  1. If the one-syllable adjective ends with a consonant and a single vowel before it, you have to double the consonant and add “er”.


big                            bigger

thin                            thinner

Example: A horse is bigger than a cat


  1. Two-syllable adjectives. You have to add “more” before the adjective


beautiful                            more beautiful

peaceful                            more peaceful

Example: Our new house is more beautiful than the old one.


  1. Two-syllable adjectives ending with “y”. Change the “y” for an “i” and add “er”.


happy                            happier

funny                            funnier


  1. Two-syllable adjectives ending with: “le” add “r”. Ending with “ow”, add “er.”


gentle                            gentler

narrow                          narrower

This road is narrower than the motorway.


  1. Adjectives with three or more syllables. Add “more” before the adjective.


important                     more important

intelligent                     more intelligent

A dolphin is more intelligent than a fish.


  1. Remember there exist some irregular adjectives which are exception to the rules:

good                            better

bad                            worse

far                            farther

little                            less

many                     more


Here you have a link with a game where you can have some fun while you learn. Now, try to score the most points as you can with this fun game about comparative adjectives. I am sure you will do great!