Hello again!

This past few weeks we’ve been learning about comparative and superlative adjectives. I’ve realized students often have trouble understanding when we use each type of adjective, and even though at first it might result confusing it’s actually very simple! Don’t believe me? Just look at the chart below.

At the end of the post you can find a link to a very fun game about comparatives and superlatives!


Now you know when to use each of them! But, how do we use them? The form of the comparative and superlative adjectives will vary depending on the number of syllables of the word.

  • Comparatives: Used to compare two things.


  • Superlatives: Used to compare three or more things.



I hope this post helps clear any doubts you might have regarding this subject. There’s a lot more to learn about these types of adjectives, but we will leave it here…for now! Meanwhile, you can watch a couple videos to review what we learned in this post.


And to review everything again, this game.