As I was driving home last night, I was wondering what could I post on the blog? And it occurred to me that I love word games and I am constantly thinking and playing in English.  When I am driving with my daughters we are singing and blasting Frozen music (in English of course) but when I am alone, I tend to over think  and as a way for me to relax and not do so, I  make words with the letters of the license plates of the cars that pass me by.

For example, the letters of my car are:

photo (5)

GRB (grab, grub or in German, grobe) Can you think of any other?

How about you? What words could you make from your license plate or your parent’s, friends’, etc.?

P.S. Sometimes if I can’t think of a word, I do it with names of people or cities.  GRB can also be Great Britain or my husband’s license plate, BJV could be Bon Jovi =D