Hi there! Here you have a quick exercise that will help you to review grammar from Unit 3.

Try to complete the sentences using the correct form of the verbs in the list.

*You can find answers at the end. (Try not to cheat).


allow / ask / force / not invite / persuade

  1. Paul had a Party recently, but for some reason he ____________ me to go.
  2. Mum won´t ____________ me to borrow the car because she thinks I´ll have an accident.
  3. The bad weather ____________ us to cancel the trip last weekend.
  4. Sara is very determined, so you´ll never __________  her to change her mind.
  5. Jack ______________ me to help him with his homework, but I told him I was busy.








  1. didn´t invite
  2. allow
  3. forced
  4. persuade
  5. asked