Speaking can be fun!!!!

As we all know, speaking together with listening can cause some trouble to the students. Yet, as always, there are some remedies for that and today I’d like to show you one of them.

Speaking and listening together? YES, it’s possible, fun, easy and free!!!!

What you need to do is simply access a Fotobabble website, register and get started. This page allows you to record your voice during 59 seconds (or less) when speaking about a photo. The photo you can select from the website or if you feel like uploading your own one, then feel invited to do so.

Now, where is the speaking and listening part? Well, you speak, record and then listen to what you’ve recorded. Why? To modify some parts that you don’t like, change some vocabulary (because you kept on repeating the same word over and over again), work on your pronunciation, prepare a short speech for the class/work, or maybe leave a message for someone???

Apart from recording your voice you can share it, keep it or send via email.

Isn’t it fantastic? You are gonna love it!!!!




P.S. One of my students told me there is a short tutorial how to use the page, so I’m sharing it here.