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This is the final instalment of my Fromlostiano section. In this post I just wanted you to have some interesting links related to this funny way of translating Spanish expressions into English.

Most likely, Fromlostianto started by mistake, and in an unconscious way. Throughout the years, I have realised that most Spanish students of English translate the Spanish they have in their heads rather than copying and imitating native speakers. And that is when “from lost to the river” expressions appear. Instead of finding the natural expression in English, a Spanish speaker that does not master the language will immediately translate their ideas into English by means of literal translation*.

This may have produced some funny situations between English native speakers and Spanish speakers, and now it has become a phenomenon. One of my favourite sites that uses this idea is:

They have created an entire world based on the hilarious situations produced by the result of a word-for-word translation.

Other links are:

Ok, and that is all for now. “With this and a cake, until tomorrow at eight!”

*Literal translation: also called direct translation, or word-for-word translation is the rendering of text from one language to another one word at a time. The final utterance may not sound good but is gramatically correct.