Today on my blog I’d like to show you how to work on your vocabulary and word formation.

I remember I used to play that game in Polish with my mates, and since I enjoyed it so much, I decided to adapt it and play in English!!!!

It’s very easy and needs no preparation. You can play on your own or in company. The latter is more exciting because you score points 🙂

First, choose a long word in English (you can use the dictionary or consult this website where you can check the long words in English together with their definition and pronunciation).


Next, having selected the word, your task is to create as many words in English as you can think of, obviously, using the letters from the key word.

For example, TELL, TELLING, CENT, etc.

Caution: you can’t repeat the letter in the same word if it only appears once in the key word, e.g. from the word STEREOTYPICALITY you can make REST but not RESTS because the letter S appears only once.

If you decide to play in teams you can establish timing, for instance, 5 minutes. Next, each player needs to say how many words he or she managed to create. The player who got the most starts reading the words out loud. If his or her word was not written by the other players, it’s a point! If the word is on the list of the other player(s), no point is given. Remember to cross out the word which was previously read in order not to get confused.

How many words have you managed to make from INTELLIGENCE or STEREOTYPICALITY?