Happy halloweekend!!

No, I won’t talk about witches, Jack-o-lanterns or black cats. There are other posts in the blog about that.

True, though, that Halloweekend is one of my favourite compound words, together with the Spanish juernes!

A compound word is a combination of two or more words that function as a single unit of meaning.

There are three types of compounds:

  • CLOSED COMPOUNDS: Those written as single words, with no hyphenation. This type of words are the words that usually come to mind when we think of compound words. For example: keyboard, honeymoon, grasshopper, etc.


  • HYPHENATED COMPOUNDS: the compounds where the two words are connected by a hyphen. For example: mother-in-law, well-being, mass-produced, etc.


  • OPEN COMPOUNDS: They are written as separate words, but when they are read together a new meaning is formed. For example: full moon, post office, real state, etc.

And now I won’t go on with further grammar explanation, unless someone ask about it in the comments. Instead, I will add some of my favourite compound words, which was the initial aim of this post. If read as a poem, you can almost feel the power of words in your spirit.

Sunlight, daytime, sunflowers,

Sometimes, somewhere,

Somebody, someday, somehow

Lifetime butterflies herein

Fireworks, moonlight, rainbows

Lifelong daydream