Hello! As you have seen during this week, the teachers and the students of Babelis have worn Halloween costumes to school. Some of you have probably watched a video about the origins of Halloween where it was said that at the beginning people dressed up as ghosts to “hide” among the spirits that appear at night in Halloween. But have you ever wondered why do we dress up as witches, vampires, mummies or any other scary thing appart from ghosts (that would be the “original” costume)?

As you may know thanks to the video, we began to dress up around the fifty century. It was the time when Hollywwod movies began to appear all over the country and actors like Lon Chaney, known for his Wolf-Man character and Bela Lugosi, who brought to life the vampire Count Dracula, gave the country the perfect creepy inspiration for Halloween costumes.

Witches, blood thirsty vampires, moaning ghosts, vicious werewolves and many other frightening monsters became the popular choices. The American idea of a creepy Halloween was born!