Happy Thanksgiving  Day!


Although it isn’t a holiday here in Spain, a lot of my friends and family are celebrating this day in the USA and I feel a bit homesick today.
Here’s a Little bit more Thanksgiving History for you! Did you know that in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed November 26 as national Thanksgiving Day but to be celebrated annually on the final Thursday in November?  It has only been changed to the fourth Thursday of November in 1941.  And today just so happens to be November 26th and the fourth Thursday of November.


Well, today is not only Thanksgiving Day but it is also NATIONAL CAKE DAY!!! Cake is a dessert that you could find in almost any birthday or celebration.  It is also a favourite of snack of millions of people across the world not just in celebrations. I know I could eat it for breakfast, after lunch or just because.



Have a great day! I will be thinking about feasting and cake all day…