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Lets see how well you know your idioms. The idioms below all refer to shopping. Lets see how many you get right. leave a message with your answers.

Match the idioms using the word “shop” to the definitions.

1.    To shop around A.   To discuss work issues in your free time
2.    To shop until you drop B.   To tell the police that someone has committed a crime
3.    To talk shop C.   To be disorganised and confused
4.    To go window shopping D.   To rush around and knock things over
5.    To shoplift E.   To buy many things (often without thinking too much about the cost)
6.    To shop someone F.    To look around the shops but buy nothing
7.    To be all over the shop G.   To go shopping until you are so tired you can’t carry on
8.    To be like a bull in a china shop H.   To look for the best price
9.    To go on a shopping spree I.      To steal something from a shop