On Saturday night, as I was having dinner and changing channels trying to decide what to watch on TV, I came across this weekly report on TVE.

These Spanish immigrants went looking for homes and jobs during a time in which many immigrants went to the United States in search for the “American Dream”.  Although this report only lasts 10 short minutes, I felt like I could relate to them somehow.   I guess it was because my grandparents and my mom immigrated to New York in the 80s (much later than those in the video) in search for that promised “American Dream”, too.  I loved how we always kept Spanish traditions in the house.

This report was interesting to me because I never knew that Spaniards were considered to be the invisible immigrants since I grew up with a lot of children and grandchildren of Spanish immigrants. I thought we were a bigger society but it’s true that we don’t study or read about them in textbooks.

Here is the link to the report: