Hello, we have started a new year. Its time to get down and start studying! during the upcoming months until the official Cambridge Exam in June I will be uploading some exercises to reinforce the work we have been doing in class. At the end of every month there will be a reward for the student who has completed the most exercises from the blog! So lets get started.

This month we have started on Unit 4 – Transport. Lets practice some prepositions of movement:

use-. by, in or on

  1. go _______ car.
  2. be _______ a taxi.
  3. go _______ the underground.
  4. go _______ by train.
  5. be _______ a bus.
  6. go _______ foot.
  7. go _______ ferry.
  8. be _______ a car.

Cross out the letters to reveal the words:

  1. u a n c d r e s r d d  –  The yacht is going __________ the bridge.
  2. t a o w a r y d f t h r o g m h  – Why are you walking ___________ me ?
  3. t b e h t r w o e e u g a h r – We went ___________ a very long tunnel.
  4. r o a l u n o b n e t g – He’s cycling __________ the road to his house.
  5. o t o u t w o a i r n t d s – This path goes ____________ the sea.
  6. b a c e r t o w s e i e t o n – My motorbike is __________ the blue car and the red one.

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