Here is a little reminder of what we have been working in class.

Past simple negatives and questions.

  • We use didn’t (did not) with the infinitive to make the negative form of the past simple:

 The train didn’t go through the tunnel.

  • We use did with the infinitive to make questions:

Did he fly across Asia?

  • REMEMBER to use the infinitive not the past simple form:

She didn’t see the film. NOT she didn’t saw…          Did you go to the park? NOT Did you went …...

Lets see if you can complete these simple exercises:

  1. I __________ (not do) my English homework ______ night.
  2. Andrea and I _________ (not meet) ________ 2011.
  3. He ________ (not send) me a text message yesterday ________ four o’clock. 

Make questions for these answers: 

  1. A hundred people were on the plane.
  2. I walked about six kilometres.
  3. The exam was 2 hours.