Let’s talk about music today.

Some of you may think: “Oh, such a boring and common topic to deal with…blahh”, yet I will try to make it entertaining since the music band I’d like to write about today is not ANY band but a SPECIAL band.

Normally, I consider music to be of personal choice and I admit that it can turn out difficult to encourage somebody to discover a new group when having an already defined musical taste. However, let me introduce you a duo you will surely enjoy listening to.




The Irish-Portuguese DUO called Hot Air Balloon (check their Facebook site for more info here) is formed by my friends Sarah Jane and Tiago who always prepare unforgettable and special performances.



*the photo was taken during their last concert in Vigo on Saturday May 7th in Fundación Sales

Do you already feel like listening to some of their songs? Search for the band on Spotify or on YouTube.



Let me share this video with you: