Hello! Last week we worked with the prepositions In-On-Under. These prepositions indicate the location of something, they tell us where an object is. For example- “the puppy is on the box”.


But sometimes they can get very confusing! That’s why today i bring you some tips about when to use each preposition.


  • We use -IN when we talk about the place of something in a room, building, town or country.
    • The cake is in the kitchen.
    • The Tower Bridge is in London.
  • We use -IN when something is inside a car and taxi.
    • Sara is in the car.
    • I left my wallet in the taxi.
  • We use -IN when we talk about pictures.
    • There’s a puppy in the picture!


  • We use -ON when we want to say something is attached.
    • The painting is on the wall.
    • The mirror is on the wall.
  • We use -ON when something is on a surface.
    • The book is on the table.
    • The mat is on the floor.
  • We use -ON when we talk about public transport.
    • The girl was on the bus.
    • There’s a kitten on the train.


  • We use -UNDER to indicate something is on the ground.
    • The mouse is under the table.
  • We use -UNDER  to indicate something is on a lower level.
    • The towel is under the sink.
  • We use UNDER to indicate something is covered by another thing.
    • The rubber is under the paper.

It’s very easy once you get the hang of it! Remember in, on and under aren’t the only place prepositions,  there are many other you can use. We will learn more about them during the school year, but for now here’s a graphic with the most used ones!

PrepositionsHere’s a video that might help you understand prepositions better.

And a fun song!