Last week’s topic in our summer camp was Superheroes.  As a child, I always thought as my dad as my superhero, I mean what girl doesn’t, right?

Superheroes played a big part in our household to a point where my older brother and I even believed that my dad was Batman until we were old enough to know it was not true. Somewhat like those children who believe in Santa Claus except our dad would joke around and say he was going to work to save people and that his bedroom was his “bat cave”.  We still joke around with this but the real reason behind all the superheroes at our home was because my dad is a big Comic fan. He collects a lot of special edition comic books and still has them all in great condition. Of course, we could never touch them.

He is also an amazing artist particularly good at drawing comics and I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of his amazing art!






What I love most is when he draws his family as comics though. Here is one of my favorite pieces, a drawing he made of himself and his three grandchildren.

dad art
Aren’t they great? He is very talented!

Anyhow, enough boasting about my dad! Hope you enjoyed his art and you are having a great summer!