Numbers are an important part of our lives and it basically doesn’t matter whether we say them in Spanish, English, Polish, German, French, etc. since the concept is the same. Today in class with the youngest students we were revising numbers in a great variety of games and activities. Maybe you can practise like that at home?

The game I want to share with you today is a tactile way of learning, or simply understanding and remembering something by touching, doing or building.

Don’t worry about the material you need, you have it all at hand, trust me, and what is more, you can play it anywhere! In your house, in the garden, in the park, on the beach… EVERYWHERE!!!!


  • yarn/wool/string/ribbon or the like
  • pompons/stones/balls/marbles, etc.
  • chalk (optional)

You sit on the floor and create medium circles with yarn. Next you say the number, and/or write it next to the circle as I did, and then you ask your child to place the required number of pompons in the circle. You can make many circles or practise with the same one but changing the number of pompons to be inserted. Actually, it can also serve as a way of reinforcing maths, you can du sums and subtractions, too! I’m pretty sure your kids will enjoy it!

Why not give it a try?