As we enter the month of June, many students are becoming more and more anxious about exams, in particular those who are sitting the Cambridge Exams.  So, this month, I have decided to post exam tips for all levels.  I’ll be starting with Part 1 of the PET Speaking Paper.

The Speaking Paper consists of 4 parts.

  1. Student/ Examiner Interaction
  2. Simulated Situation
  3. Photograph Description
  4. General Conversation


In Part 1, you will be asked your name, and to spell your surname.  Make sure you revise the alphabet or ask your teacher to help make sure that you are pronouncing certain letters correctly, such as e-I and g-j, which are commonly confused letters.

In this part you will also be asked where you are from and then a question that requires a longer answer. You may be asked something about your favorite hobby or what you enjoy doing in your free time.

Be prepared to talk about any of these topics:

  • Music (Favorite singer, band, type of music)
  • Sport (Do you practice any sports?)
  • Cinema & TV (What’s your favorite TV Show?/ Talk about a film you have seen recently)
  • Reading (What’s a book that you would recommend?/ DO you enjoy reading?)
  • Travelling & Visiting other places (Tell me about what you did last summer…)

Also think of things you could say in connection with:

  • Family (Who do you live with?)
  • Friends (What do you usually do with your friends?)
  • Teachers (Can you describe your English teacher?)
  • Study and plans (Do you work or do you study?)

I hope these tips are helpful and that you take them into account on the day of your exam. Stay tuned for tips on Part 2.