I realize that one of the most difficult things about learning English for my students is pronunciation and while we all want to perfect and polish our pronunciation, there is not one person in the world that is flawless.   While in Spanish we read what we see, English has more phonetics to it.  As a native speaker, I can say that you don’t appreciate small pronunciation tricks as you do when you begin to teach them. I could definitely say that my pronunciation has improved but still there are some words that I have to double check once in a while because they confuse me and even I find difficult to pronounce.

Here is a list of difficult and commonly mispronounced words:

  1. Rural
  2. Squirrel
  3. Comfortable
  4. Vegetable
  5. Penguin
  6. Anemone
  7. Choir
  8. Colonel

And here is a word that I have to repeat several times before getting it right every time I say it: auxiliary

And I won’t even make a list of British place names that are difficult for Americans to pronounce! (e.g. Edinburgh, Derby…)

What words do you find difficult to pronounce?