Today is Saint Patrick’s Day and, although it’s Ireland national day, it’s celebrated around the world. But how and where can we celebrate it and what do we know about it?

New York holds the largest Saint Patrick’s day parade in the world with over 150.000 people taking part in it. In Chicago the river is dyed with green dye to commemorate the green shamlock the Saint used to explain the Holy Trinity (Father-Son-Spirit). Green is also the colour some worldwide landmarks turn in today to celebrate: the London Eye lights become green; the Giza Pyramids are lit up with huge green spot lights from the bottom; the statue in Corcovado mountain in Brazil also turns green today in celebration; in Japan, Argentina and even in the Caribbean Saint Patrick’s Day is either bank holiday or is celebrated with parades and green crowds on the streets.

Saint Patrick’s Day became an official bank holiday in Ireland in 1903 and nowadays is a 4-day festival with parades, concerts and fireworks.

Below you have a fun fact video on this topic from channel. I hope you enjoy it: