As most of you already know next Friday 11th November is bank holiday in Moaña. We will be celebrating with wine and good food up the hill around San Martiño church. However, what I am certainly sure is that some of the visitors singing and drinking around that church in the coming nights will be oblivious to the history of that magnificent building. I would include myself among them a while back, but apparently a certain interest in the past comes along with age.


This church is an architectural treasure that dates back to the 12th century. Actually, this area was the chosen one by the first settlers in Moaña in order to defend the place from pirates and corsairs because of the advantage of highland over the coast.  And although throughout the 18th century the church was refurbished in the Baroque style, is still nowadays one of the best examples of Romanesque style in Galicia. At the main entrance one can observe remains of this Romanesque style: in the central tympanum the image of San Martiño together with other saints with an inscription engraved in  the stone reading: “Sancti Emiliani, Sanctus Martinus Episcopus, Sancti Bricii episcopi, Aras fecit”.


So next time you are drinking and celebrating in the “adro”, don’t forget the building next to you was there long before you, long before your great great great grand parents, and it will be there long after we’re gone.