Here are two words that are very often confused: Tell & Say. Here are some ways for you to remember when to use which.

Tell/ Told

Tell means ¨to give information to a person¨ so the word tell or told is always followed by a person.


  • Tell me about the movie
  • Did you tell Maria about what happened?
  • The police told us that everything was under control.


With Say or said we use these structures

  1. Say (something)
  2. Say that (something)
  3. Say (something) to (a person)
  4. ¨(something)¨a person said


  • Frank says he doesn’t like cake.
  • She said that the new academy was great
  • What did Bob say to you?
  • ¨You look lovely today¨said Iago.

Hope this was helpful!