As a teacher, I always find myself looking for ways to improve and incorporate technology into the classroom.  I am at an advantage because my students keep me in the loop about some of the newest technology. Though I love the traditional book and paper and have found that I learn best by writing things repetively, others may not learn in the same way.   With so many different resources and applications in the market, it’s definitely easy to get lost.  Last Monday, I decided to incorporate five short minutes of Snap Chat into a class filled with highschool students.  It was hilarious, as the students thought it was funny that I wanted to learn to use this application and they were the ones who ended up showing me the cool things you could do it with.  Some students were too embarrassed, but this was the end result and I promised them I would post it.  These are just some silly pictures.



Why SnapChat? Well, you can post a video and it is only available for viewing 24 hours after posting.  You can record yourselves and listen to your accent and pronunciation. We usually don’t like to see or hear ourselves in the media, but it gives you a different view on what you have to or should improve.    I suggest you try it. Maybe not on Snap Chat if you don’t want to share it with anybody else but definitely with the  camera on your phone. Record yourself and hear what you sound like.


Have a good weekend!