Yesterday, the fourth Thursday of April, was “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” as celebrated in the United States.  When I lived in New York it was quite popular to celebrate.

You might be asking what and why this is. Isn’t it a strange thing or just another silly “holiday”?

Much research showed that adolescent girls received less attention than boys and this day was therefore initiated.  The intention was to give girls additional direct attention while giving them an insight into the workforce.  You were excused from attending class, while boys had to go which then of course made them feel left out.  What was once “Take your Daughter to Work Day” has now become “Take Your Child to Work Day”.

Anyhow, I always went to work with my dad who loved this day too.  It became sort of a tradition for us.  He always prepared paperwork for me to do in his office, treating me as his secretary and making me feel useful and accomplished.   It was interesting to learn about what he did and then we would have my choice of lunch together and shared special anecdotes.  It always made me feel closer to him and when we got home we would tell my mother and brothers all about it.  So, yes, it may sound like a strange thing to celebrate but in the kind of society we live in today where if both parents don’t work, you can barely survive, I think children really appreciate the little time they get to spend with their working parents.


It was indeed always a special day for me and best of all, I got to miss school, haha!