February 2, The Groundhog Day!!!


Groundhog or woodchuck have been on my mind for a while. Possibly due to my pronunciation classes I teach every year to the groups that were not my students previous years. Yes, it’s THE WOODCHUCK from the tongue twister I’ve been torturing you with 😉 So, today while driving to work in the morning I heard on the radio about the celebration of the Groundhog Day in the US and decided to google some information about the event.

This year’s folklore celebration in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, is the 130th prognostication since it all began in the 1886 with the first settlers who brought with them the legend of Candlemas Day, according to which, “For as the sun shines on Candlemas Day, so far will the snow swirl in May…”

So, following this belief, on February 2 the duration of winter, or what is left, and the beginning of spring will be determined. You are probably asking yourself how and what has the groundhog to do with it. Well, according to the legend, if when emerging from his burrow Phil (that’s the name of the Pennsylvania groundhog) sees his shadow, the winter weather will last for the following six weeks. And, if he doesn’t see his shadow, then spring will come early this year.

Have you found it interesting? If so, I invite you to visit the website the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club where you can read all about this annual celebration and even watch the whole happening online!

For those of you who do not feel like reading, go for the easy option and watch the film under the same title The Groundhog Day (1993) with Bill Murray.