Listen understand act8

As you probably know and experienced it yourself, listening is the slowest skill to improve and all the process requires time and practice, practice, and practice! The best option is to listen as much as you can. Yet, in order to make it more pleasant and entertaining, begin with listening to things that interest you. Why? The answer is simple – because you can easily get bored and finally you won’t continue.


Now, having chosen THE topic, you can also:

  • learn some pronunciation rules to make you conscious of what you’re saying
  • watch a video with subtitles in English (never do it with subtitles in your mother tongue! it’s double work for your brain – two languages at the same time OMG!!!) and next try to watch it again but this time without any subtitles
  • while watching a video maybe you came across some expressions or sentences that you didn’t understand thoroughly, so write them down and try to get the meaning
  • interact! This is much better than passive listening! You must be asking yourself at this point: How can I do it? Very easily, I’ll give you some hints: spend time with English-speaking people (the exchange students, your neighbours’ friends or family), maybe you can find a mate to practise a hobby and that way you can share your passion and do what you love, or if you feel like having a drink and practising everyday English you can visit La Charlatana, a café in Vigo.

See? There are loads of things you can do! Finally, to keep you motivated, I’m going to share a video in which Gabby Wallace gives you some more tips (with subtitles in English!!!)




Enjoy your weekend!!!