Many students often confuse when to use IN, ON and AT.

Here are some tips on when to use which.

IN for:

  • Months (in January, in August)
  • Seasons (in the winter, in the summer)
  • Years (in 1987, in 2009, in 2010)
  • Periods of the day (in the morning, in the afternoon)
  • Closed spaces (in a car, in a park)
  • Rooms and buildings (in the Empire State Building, in the supermarket)
  • Cities and countries (in New York City, in Japan)

ON for

  • Dates and days (on Monday, on a rainy day, on 15th August)
  • Transportation (on a bus, on a bike) *exception = car in which we use IN
  • A surface (on the table, on the wall)

AT for

  • Times (at 5 o´clock, at midday)
  • Contexts (at school, at work)