Hello PET students!

One of the writing activities of the PET exam consists in writing a story in about 100 words. The writing question will look like this:

Cambridge English B1 Preliminary PET Writing Story task

Your story should include a title, an introduction of the characters and the story, a main body that includes the action of the story and a conclusion where the conflict is resolved.

Do not forget to include some time phrases to organize your story:

  • Then
  • After that
  • Not long aftewards
  • As soon as
  • While
  • Meanwhile
  • As
  • Some time later
  • A little later
  • ____ minutes later
  • a moment later
  • Later (that morning/afternoon/day/night…)
  • Just then

Here you have a sample answer:

If you follow these tips and use good grammar and vocabulary, you don’t have to worry about your marks. I hope this has helped you to have a clear idea on how to write a story in English. See you in class!