Finally we have come to the end of the TIPS FOR A BETTER WRITING (Part III) post: REVIEWING TIME.

When you finish writing, leave enough time to review. It is important to review your work properly and check for mistakes with language, spelling and punctuation. Today I’ll show you how to review your work carefully so you get top marks in your next writing exam.


You can lose marks if you haven’t answered the task properly. Read it again and check you have completed it correctly and done exactly what you were asked to do. If the task asks you to answer any specific questions in your writing, check that you have answered them. Tick them off on the question sheet when you check.


  1. We all make mistakes in our writing, but we often make the same mistakes over and over again. Which mistakes do you always make? Here are some tips to help you make your writing as accurate as possible. The fewer mistakes you make, the higher mark you can get. When you are reviewing your writing at the end of an exam you must look very carefully and make sure you haven’t made any silly mistakes. Use the reviewing time to correct any mistakes.

  2. Know your typical mistakes and check them carefully. Look at all your pieces of writing over the school year and make a list of your typical mistakes.

  3. Check verb agreements.

  4. Check word order with nouns and adjectives.

  5. Remember! Adjectives don’t agree.


  1. When you are reviewing your writing you must check your spelling and punctuation. You will get a better mark if your punctuation and spelling are good.
  2. Always check spelling. Does a word look strange? Practice other spellings on your note paper and see if another word looks correct.

  3. Always check punctuation. Remember when to use CAPITAL letters in English.

  4. If you have included direct speech have you used “speech marks”?

  5. Have you used question marks with questions?

  6. Have you finished sentences with full stops?

This is the end of TIPS FOR A BETTER WRITING (Part III).

Now you are ready to rock it on the writing part of the exam! The best of luck! 😉